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Network and career

The need for expertise in cyber- and information security is consistently growing. To create an adequate security level in organisations is a prerequisite to support the digital transformation. The required knowledge for this is hard to find. 

We want to build the best possible network of professionals with security knowledge, experience in realising sustainable changes in organisations and a pragmatic and dynamic attitude. If you are interested to become part of our network, please register via the contact form below and we will contact you for a mutual introduction.

We like to work with the best. Trust is a basic starting point. Above all we value enthousiasm, creativity and focus on the business of the customer.

Security competences

We are interest in professionals with competence in the following area's

  • Cloud security
  • Business security
  • Secure healthcare
  • System implementation Security
  • Secure software
  • Crisis communikation
  • Digital analytics
  • Incident response
  • Network analysis

Working with biners

Are you interested to become part of the biners network? We are looking forward to getting in contact!  

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Use our contact form or sent your motivation and resume to network@biners.eu