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biners Security Solutions

Innovative and proactive to secure your business

Every company must regularly deal with Cyberthreats and fight the causes for unwanted loss of information assets. Not only criminal hackers are active, but also employees and business partners who often unconsciously fall into cyber-traps. Our solutions help you to effectively manage the most important causes for security risks and bring your company cost effectively to high security level.

biners Managed Security

Professionals take care of your security

Specialisation is increasing in all areas, this is also the case in modern security topics. Relevant know-how is a scarce resource.

Professional service providers run complete solutions for a myriad of customers and continuously develop these services.

Your benefits

>  You profit from permanent and actual Cyber- and security know-how.

>  Your team is free to focus on your core business.

>  You are in safe hands - support is available 24/7. 

>  The services are made for Maximum scalability. 

biners digital security

Secure digital evolution

You company is become more and more digital. Customers and Partners are continuously driving innovation. Specialisation is increasing. However new rules and expectations for data protection emerge along with these developments. Secure digitalisation - it is possible.

Your benefits

>  Flexibility of modern clould-Solutions and efficient protectection of sensitive data from prying eyes.

>  With the touch of a button you know where your information is located. 

>  Unwanted flow of critical information is automatically stopped. 

>  Your information is protected while familiar working processes of your personnel are kept in place. 

>  You receive solutions without back-doors for state entities. 

>  The keys to you digital assets are held in your hands alone. 

biners security consulting

Security for agile business

You want to have a complete view whether you are still up to date with your security. To make the mega-theme Cybersecurity concrete for your organisation. Or simply deep dive in a specific topic.

Your benefits

>  You obtain an inside view in the latest security topics and receive pragmatic solution-approaches. 

>  Profit from extensive experience of top management in large corporations. The business benefits are always at the center. 

>  Holistic consulting spanning across Process - Human - Technology dimensions

>  Access to our extensive network of partners with services and solutions for all area's of information security. 

biners Security-Services

You are interested to improve your security? We offer pragmatic solutions, fitted to your organisation and are happy to share our insights in an introductory meeting.  

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