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Our philosophy

We at biners believe that digital innovation offers exciting opportunities for society. Unfortunately companies and government institutions are facing increasing threats from cyber crime. The damage and often rigid measures that result from this severely limit the progress of digital innovation. It is our mission to protect the digital transformation of mid-sized companies with smart and pragmatic solutions.

Our name 'biners' is derived from the work 'carabiner'. Just like a carabiner enables climbers to reach mountain summits, we help organisations to reach their targets, without crashing down. A carabiner is appreciate as a support without limiting the climber. This applies equally to our security solutions.


Our personal added value is our extensive experience in realizing sustainable changes in large and mid-sized organisations. We know how important it is to embed new solutions in organisations and processes and that results count. Therefore we always look for pragmatic and smart solutions that seamlessly support your business. 

Gunnar Jöns

Gunnar is responsible for business development, marketing and partner management for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He brings extensive experience in complex business transformations, including for example construction of new business models, company integrations as well as technical innovation projects.

Securing the digital innovation of the customer's business with directly usable, seamlessly integrated security solutions is Gunnar's drive.

Frank Gottenbos

Frank is responsible for business development, marketing and partner management for customers and partners in The Netherlands. He brings extensive experience in digital innovation programs and IT Management, including the implementation of security programs as well as development of security strategies.

Frank is allergic to the often encountered "not possible, forbidden, let's block all USB-ports"-attitude which motivates him to use smart and pragmatic security solutions which HELP the customer.

Erwin Recktenwald

Erwin Recktenwald is responsible for security consulting and relationship management. He has many years of experience in business process, risk and security management in a leading international telecommunication and IT company.

To solve of new business challenges in an increasing networked world for our customers in a pragmatic way with focus on results is what motivates Erwin every day.

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